I miss my Dad

August 8, 2006 — 2 Comments

My Dad died 18 years ago today and I still miss him, so much.

I know he’s with the Lord, but I still wish he could have met my kids.

If you’ve lost a loved one, then–like me–you’ve learned that grief is a profound experience that does not visit briefly or gently.

No–grief is a horrible experience that leaves a wound that leaves a pain that–although it dulls a little over time–never quite goes away, but serves to create a longing that will only be satisfied by an eternity with Jesus.


2 responses to I miss my Dad


    I know what you mean Arron. My dad ‘went home’ nearly 35 years ago now and I cannot recount how many times I’ve longed for his advice. Especially when my son refers to my mom as ‘the grandma without a grandpa’ Yeah, I miss my dad too.


    I can relate, Aaron. My Mom went to be with the Lord on October 16, 1993. She did get to see each of my kids, but Elliott was only 8 when she passed on. I miss her every day. I will never look at my wedding anniversary date quite the same (Aug. 8), and will redouble my prayer efforts on your behalf.
    Be God’s,

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