A Mountain Top Experience

August 1, 2006 — Leave a comment

I’m sitting in a Panera Bread just south of Denver, Colorado working on the book I’m writing for Standard Publishing. It’s due to them in 2 weeks. Yikes!

It’s entitled, Remember Who You Are, and I can’t wait for you to read it.

I’m also just coming off of a mountain-top experience–literally.

I had the privilege and pleasure of speaking twice at the Nationwide Youth Round-Up (http://www.nyr.org/) in Sedalia, Colorado yesterday. There are about 2,000 teens and adults camped out this week in a beautiful valley in the Rockies. This is the third time I’ve spoken at NYR and each time I leave feeling overwhelmed with love for the students, the leadership team at NYR, and for the handiwork of God.

As I drove to the campground yesterday I had a Truman Show moment.

I was on a remote two-lane road that was woven into the narrow openings between the mountains. I rounded one corner and found myself engulfed with a view of mountains and valleys that stretched for miles and–just as I was saying, “Thanks God. That was so nice of you”–the road straightened beneath me and there was a big deer eating grass just to the right of the road. It was as if God was backstage saying (ala Truman Show), “Cue the deer!”

My response was spontaneous worship.

Last night I spoke on an outdoor stage underneath a blanket of stars surrounded by pine trees, mountains, and wonder. The air was cool and smelled fresh. Surrounded only by the sound of a light breeze and silence, the students’ singing sounded like they were sitting, not in a valley, but on a stage. The music resonated off the canyon walls and reentered our ears full of life, hope, and energy.

I spoke on the theme, “Making People Your Purpose.”

I told a story about Superman and challenged the students to be someone’s superhero.

The response was amazing. The students responded to God’s word in droves with many deciding to be baptized into Christ and many others deciding to rededicate themselves to heroism.

And the day ended as it had begun . . . with worship.


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