One More NACC Story . . .

July 6, 2006 — Leave a comment

I just heard about a really cool thing that happened at the NACC.

Eli Reyes, the worship minister at the church at which I serve–Southside Christian Church of Orlando–was the co-leader of the worship services at the NACC last week. Ryan Christian, from the Richland Hills Church of Christ in Texas, was the other worship leader.

After the Bible exchange ceremony on Thursday night Eli and Ryan decided they would participate as well. Ryan gave Eli his pitch pipe and Eli gave Ryan his guitar saying, “I wanted to give you this because it represents what has divided us for too long.”


Eli and Ryan worked for months on the worship services for the NACC. I am so proud of the work they did on stage to help to make the worship so memorable, but I think I’m more proud of the work they did back-stage on Thursday night.

Eli has taught me that, when we worship, we are performing–not for people–but for an audience of one: God.

How appropriate then, that last week Eli and Ryan’s best worship performance wasn’t on stage before an audience of 8,000+, but it was private . . . off-stage . . . before the only audience that really matters to them: the audience of One.


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