NACC–Tuesday, June 27, 2006

June 28, 2006 — Leave a comment

We’ve been enjoying the Trolleys in downtown Louisville.

I have four kids with four sets of little legs, so the walk to the Convention Center—even though it’s only a few blocks and easy for me—is a little tiring for my kids, so we were grateful to find out that kids ride free on the Trolley. For 50 cents my kids and I can get to the Convention and back.

My wife is on the worship team all week and is involved with a lot of practices and sound-checks, so I’ve had the blessing of extra time parenting this week.

Btw—Fathers, when they are your kids it’s not “baby-sitting”, it’s “parenting.”

Anyway–last night, I dropped my kids off for the children’s program (which they loved!) and walked back to the Galt House to check my oldest daughter into the teen program (which she also loved). We waited, but the Trolley didn’t come, so we gave up and walked to the Galt house, but it was hot and humid, so by the time I reached the Galt House I was sweating profusely.

On the way back I decided to try the Glass Covered Walkway that connects the Galt House and the Convention Center.

Big mistake.

A third of the way to the Convention Center I realized that the air-conditioning on the Glass Covered Walkway is not working, so the Walkway felt like a sauna.

That glass tunnel was hot and uncomfortable. In fact, walking into that Glass Covered Walkway felt like walking into Hell, but it was worth the discomfort, because walking into the Convention Center last night felt like walking into Heaven.

As I entered the room, I felt energized by the spirit of anticipation, hope, and unity that I sensed throughout the room.

As the program began it only got better.

From the opening video (of Rick Atchley and Bob Russell’s vision for unity) to the singing of “We are one in the Spirit” at the end of the evening there was a powerful spirit of unity that was both God-honoring and inspirational.

I was very emotional during the worship singing. Realizing the diversity of the group and the unity in our voices I kept thinking, “This is what Heaven’s going to be like.”

When we sang, Agnus Dei, which contains the words, “Holy are you Lord God, Almighty . . . Worthy is the Lamb,” and I realized that, one day, we are all going to sing those exact words together—not in a convention center, but around the Throne—I was overcome with emotion.

Last night was God-honoring and inspirational, but I hope it is also transformational. But for that to happen we are going to have to bring the unity of last night out of the Convention Center and into the streets of Louisville, to our communities, and to our congregations back home.

I was so blessed by the program last night. It was a glimpse of what Heaven is going to be like and well worth a short walk through an uncomfortable tunnel.

I can’t wait for tonight, but I think I’ll ride the Trolley this time.


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