72 Seconds With . . . Robin Sigars

June 14, 2006 — 2 Comments

I had an idea this morning . . .

My travels allow me the pleasure of meeting a lot of great people.

I just got a new cell phone and it has a 72 second memo feature.

Two unrelated facts? Not any more.

Today, I decided that I would start a new recurring feature on my blog: 72 seconds with . . . .

My phone memo feature allows me to record four 18 second memos, so I decided that in my interviews I will give each person 18 seconds to answer four questions. Each interviewee will get the same four questions.

I’m speaking at CIY at Milligan College in Tennessee, so I decided to interview Robin Sigars.

Robin Sigars is married to Jayme Sigars and they have seven children: Candace, Courtney, Cassidy, Caleb, Kally, Collin & Jacob. Robin has been involved in youth ministry for over 20 years. Since January of 1991, he has worked for Christ In Youth as the Associate Director of Conferences. He travels thousands of miles every year speaking to teenagers and adults about their relationship with Jesus and serving the Kingdom.

1. What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned to this point in your life?

RS: No matter what happens in life. God is going to be in control and if you’ll let him have your life, He’ll take care and guide you and direct to places and things He wants you to do.

2. Who is your hero? Why?

RS: My father and father-in-law, because they both were examples of Jesus’ love and grace their whole lives.

3. If you could go back in time and had 18 seconds with yourself at age 18, what would you say to yourself?

RS: Right now, just enjoy life and realize that you can have a bigger influence at 18 by loving and showing grace and serving people than you ever imagined . . . if you’ll do just that . . . love and serve people.

4. Final Thoughts?

RS: I wish that we could just focus more on what Jesus wants out of our lives . . . what his call in our life is . . . discipleship . . . to follow him no matter what the cost. And not get so wrapped up in the things of this life–with the programs of this life–but, to look and to see the people around us and how can we serve them.

Thanks Robin.


2 responses to 72 Seconds With . . . Robin Sigars


    Very cool……just wish I’d thought of it first. 🙂


    i am a milligan college student who attended celebration last week. thanks to both of you for speaking. i wrote about the messages on my blog http://www.xanga.com/tennisbuff07, usually taking some small point and expounding it or condensing the message into a two page summary.

    i have VBS this week so i will not be attending, but the next two weeks of CIY and the Know Sweat and Youth In Ministry weeks i should attend as well. i hope that you two are speaking then as well.

    Jon Toler

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