How to increase giving to your church by 37%

May 18, 2006 — Leave a comment

Gas prices are killing my personal budget, so the following article caught my eye:

We Test the TipsWhat Really Saves Gas? And How Much?
By Philip Reed and Mike Hudson
With gas prices so high, the media is awash with lists of gas-saving tips. Well how’s this for a tip? If you listen to us, you can see hybrid-type savings without having to buy a new car.By changing your driving habits you can improve fuel economy up to 37 percent right away (depending on how you drive). Combine several tips and perform routine maintenance and you will save real dollars, not just pennies. A miracle? All we did was take several of the most common tips out there and put them to the test over a remote 55-mile route in the high desert of California. Some of them worked like a charm. Some of them didn’t work at all. We’ll give you the breakdown. These tests were done under real-world conditions — not in a government lab somewhere. Our results can be matched by anyone — even you. The wonderful part about what we found is that improving your car’s mileage is just a matter of changing your habits. Stack a few of these winners together and we’ll bet that you’ll see a substantial savings at the pump — without the need for a new car.

Here are the results:

Test #1 Aggressive Driving vs. Moderate Driving
Result: Major savings potential
The Cold Hard Facts: Up to 37 percent savings, average savings of 31 percent
Recommendation: Stop driving like a maniac.
Test #2 Lower Speeds Saves Gas
Result: Substantial savings on a long trip
Cold Hard Facts: Up to 14 percent savings, average savings of 12 percent
Recommendation: Drive the speed limit.
Test #3 Use Cruise Control
Result: Surprisingly effective way to save gas
Cold Hard Facts: Up to 14-percent savings, average savings of 7 percent
Recommendation: If you’ve got it, use it.
Test #4 A/C On, Windows Up vs. A/C Off, Windows Down
Result: Nice in theory; not true in practice
Cold Hard Facts: No measurable difference (unless you open the sunroof, too!)
Recommendation: Please, make yourself comfortable.
Test #5 Check Your Tire Pressure
Result: Important for safety and to reduce tire wear
Cold Hard Facts: No measurable effect on the vehicles we tested
Recommendation: Check your tire pressure often but don’t expect a big savings.
Test #6 Avoid Excessive Idling
Result: More important than we assumed
Cold Hard Facts: Avoiding excessive idling can save up to 19 percent
Recommendation: Stopping longer than a minute? Shut ‘er down.

So . . . It looks like if we’ll calm down, slow down, set the cruise, cool off, check the tires, and idle less, we’ll all be able to give 37% more to God instead of Exxon.


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